Sunday, 29 August 2010

Paper Cup

Today I started a magical thing.

In June I went to the Grays School of Art degree show and encountered a lovely project. I was very vocal about it and discovered that it had ben done by Naomi Leckie a girl in my year at school, who I hadn't seen in about 6 years. Her project involved painting highly saturated stills from films along with film/ music quotes onto tiles of mdf. Really gorgeous. I suggested she could photograph them and convert them into an animation. I gave her my email and now a few months on its starting to be a reality. Naomi has a exhibition in Aberdeen coming up so to help her for it I have thrown together the first sequence very roughly indicating short bursts of what can be possible. This is one of the sequences she painted and the quote she based it on is from a song called "Paper Cup" by Heather Nova, you tube link here. Below is a file with the photographs of the twelve 'stills' and some after effects stills of the options I've thrown together.

This is just an original test: transitions, timing, sound editing and title etc are just basic. 

Vimeo link :

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