Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Land of Ice and Fire

Iceland. Stark, cold and very, very beautiful. Rough edit and colour adjustment of some of the many minutes of footage I got which was gathering dust on a memory card. Not as glamorous as Kieran Ducan’s Go Pro edit of our trip but I’ll do something with parts of this footage soon! 

Sunday, 20 July 2014


This was the first request I got. This is the Chùa Thiên Mu Pagoda in Vietnam. I was lucky to visit it in February and it’s beautiful. It was also made hilarious by an eccentric tour guide who pronounced Pagoda - Paaagoowda. The request called for one of the stone turtles at it to work into the drawing but there’s already too much going on with the acid colours.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Zodian City Logos

Dominic Colour Stills WIP

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Dominic Production Storyboard

024 - St Peter's Basilica

023 - Ze Gherkin Tis A Silly Building

022 - Farnsworth House

021 - Villa Rotunda

020 - Hagia Sophia

019 - MoMa Tower by the clever Mr Nouvel

018 - Palau De Les Arts

017 - Ski Lodge For Judith

016 - Alhambra Door

015 - Vietnamese Temple Tile

Not that I was exciting about the up and coming holiday...

014 - Ronchamps (Detail) For Alison Gilbert

013 - Neuschwanstein Castle [For a Mr. Tim Bo]

012 - Petronas Towers

011 - Jean-Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre (aka. Giant Wooden Eggs)

010 - St Martin's In The Fields

009 - Palace of Versailles [Detail]

008 - Crystal Palace

007 - Doha Cultural Centre [For Austen]

Initially I forgot and then absolutely ran out of time to update this blog. I'm on a mission this weekend to get my social sites up to scratch! Here we go..