Thursday, 24 June 2010

New Academic Year. New Projects

Next year I have two main projects beside the experimental solo side one which I am currently story-boarding.

The first is Eleanor Affleck's set at Halloween and follows the adventure of a small boy prone to being bullied and his encounter with a sweet toothed monster and the second is Ashley Burn's story of a swashbuckling mouse in a Californian town.

Links to their blogs below..

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Loose Ends

This was a shot I half finished after hand in and before the groups for next year were restructured. I wanted it to have a real 2D feeling to it and I'll finish it properly at some point when I get Photoshop back up and running and can open the file to fix the cars, but at least you get a sense of the finished background. On this version I spent an afternoon faffing around in after effects adding environmental effects and playing with cc plug ins - much fun but to little avail. Even though I'm not using it for a film it could go in a showreel and it's good to learn so if anyone has any comments/ suggestions they are more than welcome.

It's rather redundant work because I'm having to put my project on hold for this year while I help other groups. No fear though a new project is in the pipeline which I will be working on and off in whatever spare time [haha] that I have next year. It's more experimental and less narrative/character based so I'll have a chance to play. More [hopefully] to follow soon...

DOJ Did Annecy!

One week of French fun, sun, friends, festivals and films.

Annecy 2010
June 6-12

Overall it was a huge success and while we all saw enough to render our short term memories demented, I have tried to find links to what I would consider a few of the nicest or inspiring ones I saw. These are just short or graduate films and some of them are trailers or links to websites [while i will update if/when I find links] but you get the general idea!

Inspiring, amusing and uplifting I cant wait till next year...

Terrible Doodles


- None of these doodles took more than 5mins.
- They were drawn using my laptops weird trackpad on
a mac doodle program as I still don't have Photoshop
fully installed after my laptop broke. What joy.

These are very rough sketches for a new project being done by a recent graduate Ciaran Murphy of Ad Libitum fame. It's called [Mneme] and will no doubt end up being insanely pretty like all his work. Its only in the beginning stages and already is showing signs of "aweness", well worth a idle glance or three.