Friday, 27 August 2010

Mouse-tache : Now In Technicolour

Spanish California more orange than you've ever seen it before!

Some basic colour tests and different sketch options for Ashley's Mouse-tache. I'm not happy with the style, composition or colour balance yet but for getting an idea of the general colour palettes its nearly there. The more vibrant orange ones are my favourite options and the blue hues for the night/evening scenes need to be much bolder than displayed below. But if nothing else, it makes a change from all the blue's of of Leap Year's train station shot!


  1. I'd say the less vibrant ones look better, the first ones. I think the contrast is a little too intense in the second ones. They look fantastic though!

  2. Yay at last a magical comment! Thanks Mark, for practicality and screen colour I agree with you, the vibrant ones could be headache inducing on a large screen! Am waiting on Ashley's feedback so we shall see!