Monday, 6 September 2010

Graceful Stories at Bedtime

Below is the first installment of the second short films for Naomi Leckie. This one is called bedtime stories. The original film from which this sequence was taken was a psychological horror film called Persona [I think]. In the scene the woman is talking to herself, applying moisturizer and going to bed. To give it a totally different feel separated from the film, I sampled a Laura Marling song called "Dreaming" [You tube link here]. 

The video was harder to edit colour-wise than the previous one due to the strong blue colour and the position and movement of the figure on the tiles. The first draft can be found here and there are some stills below:

Also, the original video Paper Cup has been modified and is now titled Grace. A more recent version can be found here but both videos need to be tinkered with:

Also some photographs of the original files and stills from the film...

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