Friday, 18 May 2012

Updated Programme Of Study

Shot 03 v1.0 Build Up

Map Attack

I've been working on creating all the various texture maps required to make my models look better. I've compiled the progress for the external model into a quick video to prevent posting a lot of repeated maps. They need work done on them but its a start, mostly though, I need to figure out the maya materials so I can apply them properly.

Animatic/ Storyboard/Production Chart 4.0

Monday, 14 May 2012

Waverley: Shot 03 Version 1.0

In spectacularly bad timing I've managed to contract mumps. Excuse the strange aspect ration (I uploaded the shot strange and it requires tweaking but having been struck by illness at assessment time I'm having to find ways of working from home without studio resources or full internet access. But it at least conveys some of the atmosphere I am trying to achieve in the film.

Shot 03 Development: Rain and Textures

After useful advice from Pat I have been working on some 3D rain tests for Shot 3 while having returned to Photoshop for the textures in this shot. 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Slow Going

Plan B

The ever-great Pat Imrie (check out his blog here for useful tips and tutorials: ) answered some questions regarding my texture issues earlier so fingers crossed that the situation is not as dire as I think it is. As a back up I reworked that awful window texture in Photoshop. Already liking it so much better, its not quite finished as the glass and window surround have not been textured up yet but getting there...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Farewell Internal Model

Today I had another tutorial with Jeanette. It was decided that to save time and stress that I would be advised to focus on the external and leave the internal shots as a potential extra/ something to work on after masters. Although this is a lot of work I have to abandon (some of it I was rather happy with) it should potentially make life easier in the long term and is more essential to the final assessment/ course requirements than the external. Sigh. (If at all possible I am still going to try to find a way to get the peeking in shot done though)

Texture Problems

Really going round in circles. I keep getting advice from different people as to how/what is the best way to do it. From what I gather it seems like I'm going to have to give up my current approach and use Zbrush. No real idea on a decent workflow yet so its once again its scrap what I have and return back to drawing board. Ignore the glass as I haven't touched it but from the model you can see the stretching issues etc I was getting from the current approach. On the up, the lighting set up is definitely better and you can see a cheeky IBL in the background. 

Image Based Lighiting

Some HDRI's derived from the photographs and shots taken from the site. Should help to light the final models. Eventually.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Flu In The Bed

Monday, 7 May 2012

Shot Options 01

First attempt at gathering options for the final shots. Mostly went ok however some shots were harder to gather than I had anticipated. Roadworks, Street diversions, changeable weather did not help much. Still did mange to get a lot of useful shots. Below are some options for some of the shots. Excuse the colour and quality as it was HD footage I was gathering I have had to compress it quickly and severely to get it to upload. 

Friday, 4 May 2012

Storyboard 3.0

Prior to going on site filming tomorrow I felt it was worth taking teh time to update the storyboard with final scene lengths/shots etc. A lot has changed since cutting the animatic down last week so here is Storyboard 3.0...

Sony EX-1 Camera Notes

Earlier this week I received training on how to use the Sony EX-1 camera so that I can gather some final footage in edinburgh over the weekend. It wont make much sense to most of you and its really for my own reference but basic notes below. I received the camera this morning and its absolutely gorgeous so now all I need to do is ensure all the batteries are charged and work out a way as to how exactly I am going to get around with the equipment....

reset: bottom menu - execute
format: bottom menu - video format : HQ 1920/25p
format both media a and b separately
ensure shutter is turned on
16:9 = 50mm chip
use full wide angle

When filming record: the focal length
                     the chip size

wish me luck...

Internal A1

A long overdue partner to the external poster I got printed in December. Finally done, not that avoiding mental ray textures had any part to play in its final completion..ahem...

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Material Matters

Since the textures are roughly blocked out I have been beginning to learn about using the mental ray materials within maya to build shaders for the final model. I'm finding it a bit tricky to get my head round some of it but starting to make a breakthrough. I decided to use the window shot as a model for testing this out. this is because I have a range of textures in it and is at present the only shot where you really see the textures up close. At present I am focusing on how to get a realistic glass texture which I can apply the stained glass texture to. Its slow going...

Below are: 
The storyboard Rough Shot
The New Maya Model For Test
Lighting/Material Test in Mental Ray

Dark Update

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sketch For Lucy

Lucy was asking for a quick sketch of Edinburgh to aid the modeling foe her film. Its far from perfect but was an example of how she could use repeated elements and house types to create a street which was detailed but sparse to fit in with a simple illustrated style she is looking for. Its a very cute project.

Updated City

Now complete with subwoofer deity....

Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites

Version 1 in two colours. I am going to tone down the glow and the brightness of the smoke and fix the eyes. Fun but certainly one of the more mad things I've worked on in Photoshop and strange to work on when feeling ill...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

3000 Word Reflective Essay

A Submission requirement, not very exciting but completed.