Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Hazy Janes Test Edit

The Fathom Line - Hazy Janes TEST EDIT from sarah dargie on Vimeo.

A music video for the Hazy Janes. This is not the final edit, this is a test edit with samples, experiments and colour thrown at it. The brief for the video was: something retro, psychedelic and euphoric. It was to combine colour, stop motion animation, old film footage, band footage and to have the same feel as the Beatles Yellow Submarine. Also the budget was non-existent and the deadline worked out at 4 weeks. The video evolved a lot throughout the process but despite being rather mind melting, this initial version is at worst a shambles and at best colourful. Fun.
The final one can be viewed here:
The Hazey Janes - 'The Fathom Line'.
Produced by Sarah Dargie & Andrew Mitchell.
Edited by Andrew Mitchell.
Additional footage by TW & Odin Gillies.
© The Hazey Janes 2014