Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Back to The Digital Drawing Board

New project alert. Potential master's project begins. I'm using CAD properly for the first time since I was in the office to draw a building which never got beyond a futurist perspective sketch. Tricky but strangely satisfying. More details to follow as soon as something gets approved/finished, but for now have an under-development snapshot.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Its up so why not come visit. First website I've ever built [aside from the L2 one for that firefly animation] so comments etc. are very welcome. It's not quite how I want it yet and as it was made on my dearly beloved but sporadic mac I'm still unsure whether the website functions fully in the real world. Now finally i can give the code a rest and get back to the drawing board...

Website In The Pipeline. Maybe.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Shot 09_Take 01

Well, I was so excited at getting back to this project only to be hit with painfully slow software and constant problems. 

Its rendered out at very poor quality and there's tweaking needed with regards to the camera and the point where it flashes is where I'm having difficulty stitching parts two and three together. Most of the problems and extreme thinking and rendering time [even at this low quality it was taking approximately 10mins a frame] is due the ancient version of after effects on my dear old laptop. Its taken me far too long to get this far and as my time is limited at present this will have to do until I go back to uni and can hi-jack the power of a far faster machine with whose help I know it will take about an afternoon. It does however leave time for comments and all will be taken on board so fire away...