Sunday, 28 November 2010

Peer Reviews

Peer reviews tomorrow so I whipped two presentations up. Wish us luck and prepare your comments in advance.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Printed Goods. Messy Studio. Yay

Usual Suspects

A Sweet Disposition's height relationship chart for the characters. Smokey Bob has his at rest phase and his Im trying to be scary size..

Colour Suggestions Required

Under Ashley Burn's direction I changed the colours for the three main characters for mouse-tsche. There's not much change to the girl and the hero but the villain's colours I'm not very happy with. I quickly dropped both sets into a background, including the original full cast colours and I'm not convinced by any, think they are all too bland, suggestion's welcome :).

1. New Colours

2. Comparison of main character's colours in a background. First is
Ashley's second is my original thoughts.

3. Secondary Characters Background Test

Bobs UV Mapped

Thanks to Pat Imrie who helped to reload the file, turns out that our issues occurred because there was not one but two UV maps applied to Bob's head. Double mapped. This issue was fixed and the new map has been approved. next comes rigging.

But I Like Mice!

Yay. Two cleaned and inked tests of the talented Alex Ashaman's lip-sync test for John's line "But..I like mice" [check out her sketch blog here] and my slightly odd key-framed bucket test. Major thanks to Eleanor Affleck for lining and tidying. Slowly feels like A Sweet Disposition is coming together...

Run Cycle Colour/ Composition Test

We are on a roll tonight. This is an initial test I threw together quickly of a shot of John's feet for A Sweet Disposition as he runs away on a cycle from the clown into the graveyard. For initial composition/ colour test only. Final scene to be completed with luck sometime soon..

Techni-colour Triads

Lynsey Schaschke from third year designed the trio of bullies for A Sweet Disposition. She's a very talented girl and her groups' blog can be found here. I got the easy task of colouring them up for a height chart so here they are...

Grass Blocks

Initial background layers to a shot of John's feet for A Sweet Disposition as he runs away from the clown into the graveyard. For initial composition/ colour test only. Full background to follow.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Mouse-Tasche Opening Shot Take One

Taking my original background for the opening to Mouse-tasche [see image below] I quickly composited version one of an opening for mouse-tasche. Once again the mist is in too much abundance and I think the camera needs to be centered more on the church on the final shot and that the timing, taken from the animatic is too quick overall.

Friday, 19 November 2010


Let the UV mapping begin! Harlequin Bob take one, many thanks to Pat Imrie tutor and maya tutorial blogger for helping us figure out how to map the horns, now its just the top of the head and chin to fix. Strange thing is I'm not even texturing this, I just want to know how to do it properly and weirdly really enjoy moving uv's around, just wish I knew what I was doing a bit more.

Also severe sleep deprivation aside, dissertation is printed. But shhh...

A Sweet Disposition New Animatic

Updated and shiny and odd. Vimeo link here, uploaded courtesy of the brilliant Eleanor Affleck . The project blog can be found here.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Colour Test Take One

John Doe run cycle for A Sweet Disposistion which will eventually turn into part of scene 13. I miss the stripes on the jumper, The shading is off and there are a few lines which need fixed but yes, test one take one. Vimeo link is here .

Mouse-tasche Layouts Done.

Necessary but slightly dull.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Re-modelled Smokey BOB

Well there is one really nasty vertex on his forehead that WILL get fixed but over that after the deformers deleted themselves from my Maya menus, Eleanor has modeled his horns to her liking and his face is now more like a salamander which I approve of. So once a few things have been tidied up its onto UV and rigging....

Eagle House Take One

This is for an animation master's student called Rory who is working with external clients to model a short 3d film concerning a bird flying through a house. As I used to do architecture I was asked to help out so a quick CAD sketch along with prettier references was thrown together to start a discussion. If nothing else it gave me an excuse to use CAD on a Mac for the first time. Controversial and exciting.

Farm Barn

The barn during the daytime for Brian's and Joe's Mawkin's Backfire. Check out their blog here.


Another quick sketch project from Ciaran. This was looking far nicer until the file corrupted and the cherry blossom trees were lost. sad times but was fun to do regardless!

Scotland Loves Anime

This was a mini-day conference in Edinburgh's picturehouse cinema which was great fun. As a group we brainstormed the ideas for creating a typical animation series aimed at kids in the morning and then got some really inspiring talks in the afternoon by people working in the industry. Especially great was Oscar Wright who had story-boarded on Scott Pilgrim vs The World and warned us that after university there will be around 5-8 years of working on rubbish before you end up somewhere good. It will be a long wait. Also on display in the cafe bar were original cels from Akira. Amazing stuff. Thanks to Mark Haldane for taking the photographs.

Tutorial Time

I made a quick tutorial about how I draw and colour up backgrounds for the animation department so that teams of background colorists can be used on Joe and Brian's film
and so that anyone else could ask Photoshop queries.

Kyoto Concepts

More concept work from the talented Jenny Gauci for leapyear. Absolutely gorgeous work.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Pier Concepts

Another amazing piece of concept work for Leap Year from Jenny Gauci. Praise her blog, and wish her luck job hunting in London.
Absolutely gorgeous, and the sea is exactly what I was thinking of.
Makes looking at Maya and working on a 3D smoke monster less fun...