Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sound and Final Timing Also 600th Post!!

Hooray, managed to get some sound in based on the leica reel I created early this morning. There are some glitches but this is just and edit to get how many frames of each shot I will be rendering. The changes will be:

- I will be changing around the title sequence and adding on Trainstations beneath power station
- I will be increasing the end forework shot by some frames to better fit the music. 

So happy that there is sound, it makes such a big difference. The music I don't own (but did purchase) but as its only for education and not commercial or even wide release it will be fine. The track is by Daft punk off their Tron:Legacy OST for Disney (so I fully expect to get into trouble at some point) but for now it works fine (plus its what the futurist's would of donee..maybe). I've only had to edit the music a little (ten points if you can spot where) and then added some basic firework noises for the credit. In the future I'd love to add more to it in terms of shots and sound but for now it will just have to do. Adding the sound allowed me to cut down the shots in the middle and improve the pacing, which in comparision to the leica it was edit form is much snappier. See below for comaprison. Now I just need to severely edit and finish the film (and create a making of)...actually looking forward to it. 

Sound test edit:

Original timing/edit:

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