Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Leica Reel 02

Current leica reel shot edit. This allows me to add some sound this morning and then fully edit what I have. Hoping (with all my fingers crossed to have a finished, modified, polished one with sound by 9am Thursday morning, his would allow me to have 1.5 days to export, ensure its working and throw together a making of before Friday afternoon. With a list of things to change longer than the available time and a part-time job I can't get out of this may not happen. At present its really not great, really need to pull it together colour, timing and pacing wise and its ben uploaded in awful quality just so I can get it online quickly prior to meeting with Jeanette. At least having this allows me to edit the sound in real time and that will make a huge difference. The bad thing is theres a lot to do, the good thing is I know exactly what I want to change, and if it means the making of doesn't get completed until Saturday then I have a production bible completed and printed in the mean-time so be it. 

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