Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Render Layers

As soon as I am finished tweaking the materials (in the next two days with luck) I will be going onto  the rendering and hope to complete that by the end of next week while the rotoscoping onslaught begins. Unsure about what render passes I would need I got advice from Dylan who suggested that I would need:

direct lighting (diffuse) 
indirect lighting (global illumination)
shadows (though may have to use maya hardware over mental ray render as it can act erratically)
ambient occlusion
alpha/ matte (for compositing)
3D motion vector blur (not required in all shots but may prove useful)

Taking Dylan's advice I'm going to start on the external shot looking in as I fear that some extra detail in the textures may be required and also some of the full external shots which use still frames. From experience with the going live module I certainly anticipate that this will be a far tricker process than I am expecting but with luck I'll at least be able to rotoscope and set up a composition in Nuke while the rendering occurs. 

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