Sunday, 17 June 2012

Peer Review Feedback

On Wednesday I had the peer review for semester 3. Overall I think it was rather successful and helped me clarify both my progress and what it is I am hoping to achieve in the time left regarding the final masters submission. In short I am trying to create a realistic sense of what would of happened had the futurists built Waverley in 1914 working in an interesting narrative between the juxtaposition of the futurist/ neo-classical architectural styles and the aging process of how their vision would look in contemporary Edinburgh today. From the group discussion that followed the class agreed that I need to work on the timing of my animatic and that cutting the number of shots down would be beneficial if I could keep a slower pace with the shots themselves. Despite being a predominantly 2D shot it was thought by the group that shot 03 would work as it stands and that it would fit well amongst the 3D shots. This was a weight off my mind and has been moved lower down the priority list. For the shots that I will not be able to achieve or complete I discussed my idea of displaying a series of images alongside the footage which would add to the narrative of my project and this was deemed a successful way of showing how I would progress the project on its completion. I was happy with the way the review went and from it was able to enlist the help of Felix who is happy to assist with the rotoscoping of the final footage while he awaits renders. 

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