Friday, 8 June 2012

Good and Bad

So had a good chat with Dylan this morning who helped me to clarify some issues I was having regarding my workflow and progress with my Masters project. He has helped me to break it down into some stages to work on over the remaining 7/8 weeks which should prevent the onslaught of panic I am feeling. I do have to revise all the models and am looking at having to re-do the textures and UV maps (once again). It is deeply frustrating as I am back to where I was in February but overall its probably for the best. 

By the next meeting on Tuesday 19th:

- Rename model and elements
- Redo, Break down, finish and finalise all models
- Set up a final Maya project with the finalised work

- Redo and break down the maps further into more appropriate elements/ useful maps
- Revise layout and overlay where applicable, use extra layers to modify details
- Keep the current 2K maps for the distant shots
- Use a series of 4K, 2K and 1K maps and identify which are to be used in which shots
- Create a series of default maps against which things can be tested
- Create bump maps based on the revised UV maps

- Create and apply new textures for the shots
- Update Glass and Metal elements to mia_materials

Basic timeline:

3D finished (modeling, texturing, rendering, match-moving, tracking lighting) : 24th June.
2D finished (rotoscoping, compositing, rendering) : 5th August.


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