Thursday, 18 March 2010

In The Beginning...

..there was sunlight, good company and daydreams.

The initial idea stemmed from a few thoughts which, over a summer of discussions with friends and observations, turned into a very basic story incorporating a few things which I had always found interesting:

1. Friendship, loneliness and interaction
2. Childlike wonder and fear of the world
3. Urban planning and contemporary division of cities

The idea was never to make a deep, dark or challenging piece but to tell a simple story with a lot of heart. I decided to base it around two characters a boy and a girl who divided by the motor-way used ingenious ways of communication to keep their friendship going. These two characters turned into the ten year olds Tom and Ada and the motorway into an environment loosely based on the charing cross area of Glasgow.

Concept set it was time to do some development.

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