Thursday, 18 March 2010

Charing Crossing

The Charing Cross area of Glasgow was radically divided with the introduction of the M8 by city planners. Without commenting for or against this move, it has created an interesting intersection of levels between modern, victorian, transport, pedestrian walkways, busy underpasses and street level pedestrian crossings.

Ironically despite the urban facelessness of the area, it has some personal meaning to me as it was one of the first areas I got to know really well when I first left home. Although it is far from being a site of natural beauty the lights and speed and constant movement ensure that it is never boring and I often thought that it would be a dynamic backdrop for a film. It is worth noting that while the film is set against this type of backdrop the backgrounds will not be a direct copy, instead they will use elements which are present interspersed with exaggerated more fantastical ones.

Below is a panorama of pictures I took on location over the Christmas period

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