Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Roto Problems

Having watched back Felix's excellent roto work I realised that some of the work had been done using footage which had been exported at 30 frames a second rather than 25 or by using the individual frames themselves so the whole sequence is 20 frames out. After trying all night to fix some of the issues in nuke its looking like a huge job due to the fact that the people have to be rotoscoped frame by frame. Although the footage is going too fast, it is really only one man in the foreground who is walking quickly. A quick chat with Lucy and Felix ensued and the current decision is to ask around but if a solution cannot be found then to leave it as it is and come back to it time allowing. Its frustrating but sometimes these things happen and its probably best to move on to something which has not been worked on yet. Any solutions you guys can think of however would be appreciated. 

The roto-scoped file:

The actual video speed:

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