Monday, 9 July 2012

Maya Explosions

I have been having some fun reworking the fireworks for use as reflections on the glass. After several experiments and re-watching the live-action footage I've decided to cut back the number of colours used in the particle simulation and render them out on several layers so that I can colour corrrect, layer and blur the reflections to a ridiculous degree in post. Initially the new fireworks tests were not working (settings on Fireworks sparks spread and max tail size were inappropriately large):

After tweaking the settings I created some tests with three different Firework emitters, each one set to a different number of rockets, starting point, co-ordinates and colours. Although I like the distribution and angle in this front view test I want to use less colours. There is also a strange glitch near the end which I will have to go back and fix. I've added one video from the front and another from the side:


The next step is to test the reflections of the fireworks so I had to create some geometry and instance the particles onto it, otherwise there wouldn't be any reflections and therefore no point in the Maya fireworks at all.

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