Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Fireworks Tests

So with 4.5 weeks to go there will soon be many things to celebrate, in the short term I know at least one thing which makes me happy and will be spending time with him soon, also its the 4th of July so for my American friends its an appropriate post! 

This test is an attempt to supplement the footage of fireworks I have and to act as 3D reflections which I can adjust on the building in Maya. These are some basic tests from maya using the particles firework effects which I have then doctored in After Effects. Not quite there yet but more tests soon will follow but as a basic starting point its been fun so far.

The basic:

The tweaked with blur and glow then a scatterize and directional blur (not always 100% successful):

and the bizzare (I created this by mistake and kinda like it but have absolutely no use for it) : 

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