Thursday, 7 June 2012

Shot_08 Development

"That decoration as an element superimposed on architecture is absurd, and that the decorative value of Futurist architecture depends solely on the use and original arrangement of raw or bare or violently colored materials"
Antonio Sant'Elia 
Manifesto of Futurist Architecture 1914

Its a bit spot the difference between some of these videos but here is a record of the development of Shot_08 as it stands. The final one is probably my favourite but I still feel it needs tweaking. I prefer the thinner spotlights and much happier with the colour too, both of the more orange tone to the Waverley lights and the darkening of the fore-ground. I will most definitely come back to edit the haze around the station and will try to edit my layers more efficiently to create a better sense of depth in the shot. 

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