Monday, 18 June 2012

Mission New UV: Stage 02 and 03 Complete

For the external model in any case. Internal will be finished tomorrow once I get some feedback from Dylan regarding the way I have done it so far. So the external model has been re-UV'd and 4k textures have been created for the new maps. Although this was a frustrating process to go through again it should allow me to have the textures on the model at a higher resolution giving greater emphasis of detail. I am anticipating that more detail and variation will have to be included later however taking Dylan's advice I kept the textures relatively simple this time as it is more effective when applying to a larger (or in this case ridiculously huge) model. Updates on how the textures will actually work regarding the renders will be uploaded tomorrow following the meeting. I've included some of the maps below as an example of how I have split the model up further and the level of detail now included.

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