Friday, 22 June 2012

External Textures Update

Finally the diffuse maps have been applied and the correct materials assigned to each map. This took far longer than I thought as I experienced technical issues and many of the textures has to be re-worked further. Originally I was using uncompressed tifs but was having severe problems loading them in Maya, after discussion with class members turns out that Maya 2011 has glitches with tifs so have used png files instead. This was taken further when I was having difficulty files if they had a resolution over 72 dpi, thankfully with a bit of tinkering and offsetting values and using bigger map sizes instead I have managed to get them all there. The quick render below was taken without the correct lighting and don't have any of the diffuse, specular, bump, normals or occlusion passes imported yet but gives a rough idea of colours and detail to be worked on at least.  Next week tinkering will occur when the internal ones are done too. Currently there is only three materials applied: a phong for the stone and basic textures, an mia_material_x_passes (though am also experimenting with dilectic material) and a mia_metallic paint for the bigger areas of steel which looked awful when a texture was applied to them. It will look much prettier soon but here is work in progress....

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  1. Hi Sarah, if you are having issues with tiffs. Change the file format to Targas. Targas offer better quality than pngs and also natively support transparency if required. They also play with Maya and mental ray a little better than other formats.