Friday, 14 October 2011

Post 400! Have a Shoe!

I would of liked to have done something epic for post number 400 however i like the silliness of it being a shoe. Baby steps towards modeling Tom and Ada in Maya for Leap Year. Its been a while and I have lost the model three times but its a learning process and one which i am starting to enjoy! Once they are modeled I can't wait to test out 2D textures onto them and fellow animator and friend Rudy has offered to help me rig them, a lot of tea and pints will be heading his way! However advice is needed as I really don't have 
much clue how I should be doing this!


  1. Looking good so far. Feel free to send me your maya files if you want me to look over them at any stage.


  2. Haaha, you might regret saying that...

    :D But awesome, will do!