Monday, 24 October 2011

Manifesto of Futurist Architecture

Turn the volume up and listen to the madness. There is no picture.

"The Futurist Manifesto of Architecture"
Sant'Elia 1914 

This is a poor recording I made earlier of the Futurist Architecture Manifesto written by Sant'Elia [and most likely Marinetti] in 1914. The original manifesto accompanied Sant'Elia's New Tendencies exhibition and is a mad and enigmatic piece of writing. I recorded it in order to help me begin to formulate a narrative to my Master's film, so I could listen to it on the move while at Waverley itself and to get across some of the frantic speed and language used by the Futurist's. I hope at some point to get a professional or fellow male student to record it and play around with some typography/ sound bites for the film. The youtube link below is a similar idea but is a recording of the original Futurist manifesto from 1909. Love it or hate it it is certainly dynamic stuff!


  1. All your manifesto chat lately has made me take the plunge with this book I've been eyeing for a while.

    100 Artists' Manifestos: From the Futurists to the Stuckists. It's by Penguin (the publisher, not the animal, sadly).

    Pretension ahoy!

    I'll let you know how far I get before I give up meandering the philosophic realms of artistry and return to doing colouring books.

    Although if I do return to doing colouring books I'll probably have to avoid using the kindle for them.

    Lemon out.

  2. :D

    Sounds like I have some new fodder for my bedtime reading...

    Lime night.