Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Scenes 09-20 Take Two

There are still more updates to be sine based on in-studio discussions had this afternoon and so opinions are still asked for and welcome!


  1. Hi Sarah!!

    It's Ben here (i know what you're thinking! I must be an imposter. Ben? alive? and posting on a blog! it's unheard of!!).

    I saw your email and couldn't resist coming to check out the video, and i'm very glad i did because it's fantastic! Even just seeing this small section of the film without sound makes me want to see so much more I can't wait to see the finished article.

    I wouldn't dare to make any suggestions as i honestly can't see that it would need any improvement, though to be honest when it comes to animation i wouldnt know what i was talking about anyway ;). Any suggestions i may make would probably just tarnish the great work you have done on this.

    One thing i feel i must point out though is how amazingly atmospheric it is. the eerie greens and dusty misty textures you have implemented are perfect and really bring it to life..

    Tim Burton better watch out! He has some competition brewing ;)

    Best of luck with this hun!! but if this sample is anything to go by, you really don't need it.


  2. BEN!!!!

    You have no idea how happy that comment just made me.
    Thanks you, I'll make sure you get a preview of the
    finished film ;)