Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Least Favourite Scene

Ironically this was one of the first scenes we attempted to animate for a sweet Disposition back in October. I've never liked it simply because I've never had a proper layout or much to work with in regards to John. Eleanor has redrawn this from about three different angles and one permutation which is now not being used was even in-betweened by a second year and then coloured. All in all very unsatisfactory. I've put off doing it but alas poor Yorick I have no choice. So this is Scene 008 version 15, in order to stay on schedule I need to nail this scene before close of play tomorrow so anything I can do to amke it better would be appreciated...

1 comment:

  1. Make the main level of grass pan from right to left, the other way, so that it looks like the camera is tracking in the smae direction as john, but not as fast. This should stop his feet sliding and make the whole thing faster- might need to mirror that level at the same time as the high ground at the begining of the scene is working well. Hmm give it a try if u have time!