Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Tractor Background

Needs direction. 


  1. mmm some of the textures make it a bit confusing to get whats in the pic, only got it was a tractor from the title. i have some photees of an old rusted dumper truck/farm equipment if thats any help? x

  2. Hey lady!

    They would be great, would help muchly, the one above is based on a layout I was given but its just not working.


  3. nae bother, i think they're on one of my hard-drives i'll have a rummage tomo and send them through, but as a starting point the wheels way too small and the tractor is too bulky, it should feel big but without looking too clunky, you would prob also see the gear box and pedals and the bonnet would be more curved and high wheel arches. sorry to ramble its my country - side coming out lol. Hope you're good and looking forward to seeing you soon! X