Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Little Bit of Many Things

1. Mouse-tache

New preliminary basic Layout for Ashley's Mouse-tasche. This is a scene where the hero thwarts the villains plan to steal an ice-cream by tripping him up. The little girl gets her ice-cream back but is unimpressed by its being covered in villains saliva. The hero doesn't notice her looking disgruntled and blithely stands looking proud.

2. Badly Drawn Bodies

Another round of life drawing. I've been trying to make them quicker in an attempt to loosen up. It failed. None of these took over 20 mins. Next week I disregard time in favour of getting it right. I should really start putting them together as a terrible comic strip in the style of cheap tabloids.

3. Dissertation Progress

Its needs a conclusion, structure, an argument, a less vague title, pictures, formatting, more research, better referencing, a bibliography that makes sense and heavy heavy editing but essentially the bulk of it has been bashed out...

4. Leap Year

I had a good production chat with Jenny Gauci about Leap Year and have come up with a new beginning and a different way of doing the train platform which hasn't felt right. Many thanks Jenny and look out for a revised animatic/ background soon.

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