Monday, 2 August 2010

Animatic 2.0 Now With Strange Sounds!

There's nothing like a lovely weekend off that makes it easier to get back to work, and many thanks are due to certain good company which got me away from the screen for a couple of days!

I've attempted to recut the animatic, its reading at 2'50" at present but I feel some parts are still too quick, that the staging in places needs to be clearer, the shots need to link better and the story needs better editing. It's also at a low resolution because I still haven't worked out what the best export settings are and the sounds are all free from the ever amusing and useful and are provisional for now so excuse some of the more dubious ones.

That said its nice to have it uploaded and it was fun to edit it after two weeks away! In the coming week or two the plan is to work out a background and Ciaran has kindly offered to do a test animation with Ada which will be fun, though choosing a starting point is proving tricky!

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