Thursday, 15 July 2010

Supplementary Cityscapes and Character Chatter

A further two [Mneme] cityscape/ skyline doodles which I did last week after finding a spare few hours because they are rather fun to do. The next mission is to do a large coloured A3 one in shades of grey which will be fun so watch this space.

Ciaran has also started work on Character Designs for Utopia whose title may shortly be changing to Leap Year. Sadly I don't have a copy of them to upload yet but so far they are looking *rather gorgeous* and are exactly the kind of characters I was imagining and would love to be able to draw. I can't wait to see the final designs.

Storyboarding for Utopia is slow but going so an animatic will hopefully be completed by the end of this week. Watch this space...

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