Thursday, 22 July 2010

Script and Storyboard Completed!

In a word: Huzzah.

It may have resulted in only getting two hours sleep and battling the biggest bee I have ever seen at 5.30am but it got done, and in time for a short trip to Dundee so that documents could be passed over to the ever talented Ciaran Murphy for updates and criticism.

The character designs in it have to be ignored as they are basically stick figures blocking out the actions. I used Ciaran's characters to decorate the corners for constant reference and because I couldn't help it! The script has also been passed onto Kieran Baxter for comment and criticism.

Many of the shots I feel have to be more lively and at more interesting angles and I feel parts of the story will have to be edited and rewritten. I've had many problems trying to export an animatic from After Effects but as soon as I do I'll get it uploaded.

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