Thursday, 22 July 2010

Kiss Chase

An amazing action shot emailed by Ciaran late last night. I'm starting to feel guilty about all the time he's spending on this project but every drawing is immensely appreciated. I am falling very much in love with the colours and love how they are working together. Just to show I'm not the only one who feels that they are great for the project I have Eleanor's kind words from an email:

Your characters are really, really good! They fit with the background styles you've got on your blog, and they're more 'you' than than the first draft :) I really like the the hairbraid round the neck - should make for some interesting followthrough!

In other news I have received a new Mouse-tasche script from Ashley to edit, and have started working on a new background for Eleanor's A Sweet Disposistion. Besides that I will be quiet for a while as Dissertation is requiring some hefty work!

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