Saturday, 17 July 2010

Critical Evaluation

Firstly, although I don't have anything up here to show for it yet, the initial provisional storyboard is done! I may have cheated by cutting the end, still have no idea how to rough out the title sequence, the characters are basic sticks and the story is confused and overly complicated but it's all blocked out. Roll on infinite scanning later today after some sleep!

More excitingly and visible are the profile character designs I got from Ciaran who came up with a good idea : He would send me the original, I'd draw over it with how I like it changed and then send it back. I didn't want to draw directly on top so photoshopped what you see below. It's hard to stress why and how I really like what he is doing with them so it was a challenge to find things I didn't. All my suggestions were minor and I'm not convinced if they are better or just different. But it was a fun task and here they are so spot the difference...



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