Sunday, 2 May 2010

Props and Production

After a solid week of relatively unfruitful character designs, it was time to set up the prop department. One week later and some of the main props were an actuality.

1. Tom's Shoes
These feature at the start of the film and also quite prominently later on when Tom is standing on his windowsill. Originally they were more complicated but inspired by Tekkonkinkreet' s simple shoe designs I made them simpler and more angular in fitting with the background.

2. Can Phones

A crucial communication device for imaginative children everywhere, can phones are an accessible invention for any fan of tinned food. I decided to make the thread linking them fluffy coloured wool. Ada's can has a label from a tin of coconut milk, whereas Tom's features a can of pilchards in brine.

3. Cars

The cars were drawn in AutoCAD, printed as Pdf's and then exported to Photoshop. I have only coloured up three car models at present until I can get some tests done however the others will follow.

4. Ada's Torch

Ada uses the torch to signal to Tom. My first Maglite. this is a simple prop which I wanted to colour in more childish colours with a simple design

5. Tom's Stick

This is the least exciting of all the props. Does exactly what it says above

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